• Anti-rust Solutions
  • Strategically located Manufacturing Facilities
  • High Quality Products
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Our Expertise

Anti-rust Paper

Anti-rust Paper

Corroshield Anti-Rust VCI Paper - customized as per requirement and also provided for OEM


Zinc Stearate - Pure

Zinc Stearate - Pure

Zinc Stearate - pure and standard grades available in various packaging sizes and also for OEM


Aluminium Stearate - Pure

Aluminium Stearate - Pure

Pure grade Aluminium stearate produced and available for OEM


Our Strengths

Top quality

Best raw materials processed with international standard methods for the high-end finished products

Product Customization

Tailor-made products – custom specifications to suit your every requirement

Quality Assurance

Stringent Quality Control measures at every step right from the raw material stage


Competitive prices due to our in-house raw materials and manufacturing capabilities

Industries we serve

Metal industry

Anti-rust paper or oil - transportation of ferrous products such as machinery, casting, wire, steel grips, spare parts, tools

PVC Applications

Different grades of Lead stabilizers are used for making pipes, cables, films, floorings, pipe fittings, vinyl sidings and in shoe-making

Paints and Plastics

Metallic stearate lubricants, water-repellents, thickening agents, heat stabilizers, in rubber production, for coatings, laquers and cosmetics


Metallic stearates are used for dragee preparation, tablet pressing and as a protective agent in skin creams, ectopic ointments